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Association "Land Union of Ukraine" (hereinafter - the Association) was founded in 2004. The Association is a non-governmental non-profit organization and joins law firms, land use planning and evaluation enterprises, development, investing and realty companies. The main objective of the Association is to promote the development of land relations in Ukraine and establishing an open and civilized land market.

The Association has been actively working for over 10 years on  carrying out projects aimed at implementation of informational campaign, in order to popularize legal knowledge in the field of land relations, lobbying the interests of the  owners of land shares (lots), development of effective legislation in the sphere of land relations and so on.

The main objectives of the Association are:


• promoting the legal, economic, social knowledge in the field of land relations;
• assistance in practical realization of national, regional and international programs in land market development and information technologies for effective implementation of land reform;
• improving the legal public awareness in order to increase the general level of land relations in Ukraine;
• study and dissemination of international best practices in land relations, international cooperation;
• association of persons engaged in activities in the field of land relations, to meet and protect their legitimate professional, social, economic and other interests;
• Promotion of civilized and open land market in Ukraine and so on.

To achieve these aims the Association:


• is engaged in educational activities, holds seminars, participates in conferences, roundtables and other events on the development of land relations and land market in Ukraine, publishes and distributes materials with professional, educational, informational and reference information.
• provides support and participates in the creation and distribution of information, including online resources on land reform, development of media resources.
• supports permanent relations with the media, spreads information on land relations through them;
• gathers, summarizes and analytically processes  statistical information about activity in the sphere of land relations. Participates in the preparation and distribution of analytical, scientific, informational materials and expert opinions. Develops recommended standards for information exchange between the subjects of business sector.
• provides support for new technologies that are implemented in the field of land relations in Ukraine;
• collaborates and conducts coordination work with other organizations and associations that operate in the field of land relations and so on.

Over the past years the Association has implemented a series of measures aimed at the development of land market, building a civilized relationship between government, business, citizens and public control over the activities of regulators of land relations, including:


• over 50 training seminars in Kiev and regions of Ukraine have been organized and conducted;
• productive partnerships with the media, including information agencies UNIAN, Interfax, LigaBusinessInform, channels "UT-1", "First Business", "Channel 5", newspapers "Business", "Kontrakti", "Zemelniy Visnyk", "Property Times", "Agroprofi", "Fakti", "Segodnya", magazines «Building», «Vlast deneg", "Chistaya pribil", "", "Nedvizhimost" and others are established;
• website of the Association is, in terms of independent ratings, one of the most visited among the sites dedicated to the land subject;
• batch release of publications, including collection of legislative acts of Ukraine, guides for conducting land auctions and informational brochures on how to privatize, sale and purchase land plots was performed;
• cooperation agreements with public and professional organizations were signed, within which joint information activities were performed.

Specialists of the Association are constantly involved by committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine, ministries and departments as consultants in the drafting of regulatory acts.

Today the Association includes more than one hundred twenty members that are participants of the land market, or have direct relation to it.

The Association "Land Union of Ukraine" established a network of offices and partners in all regions of Ukraine. Currently there are 42 regional offices and their number keeps growing.


Since its inception, The Association had the following experience with international organizations:


• Cooperation with UNESCO. In 2007, with financial support of this organization a conference on environmental problems of the Black Sea was organized and carried out.
• Cooperation with The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). During the 2011 Land Union of Ukraine in the framework of agreement with the organization complied with the study of reforms in the former Soviet Union.
• Cooperation with Analytical - Advisory Centre The Blue Ribbon. In 2010 - 2011 about 10 events, including regional conferences with the participation of regional administrations and regional offices of the State Committee were organized and carried out.
• Cooperation with the project AgroInvest USAID. A series of measures, including round tables, discussion of draft laws with state agencies, printing of information materials was organized and conducted.
• Cooperation with the project Local Investment and National Competitiveness (LINC) USAID. Several round tables in the Crimea were organized and conducted.
• Cooperation with the project "Access to justice and legal awareness in Ukraine”, "Rule of law" USAID. Several roundtables and conferences were organized and conducted. The project members are consulted on regular basis. “Land Union of Ukraine” is a member of coalition for protection of property rights, created by "Rule of law".
• Cooperation with the Project Agroinvest USAID. From 2012 till now Land Union of Ukraine realizes a Project “Creating and development of the Resource Center and Web portal on land rights”.
• Cooperation with BVVG (Bodenverwertungs- und -verwaltungs GmbH), Germany. Since 2012 about 10 seminars were organized and carried out.
• Cooperation with EU Twinning Project.


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